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2021 Design Shanghai | Incredible Light and Shadow

        Design Shanghai, Asia’s leading international design event, kicked off in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center on June 3, 2021. The event witnessed how VINEKO displayed its impeccable taste as a national brand in outdoor furniture to visitors from across the globe.


Light & Shadow in the Booth

        Booth design represents a way of life. The latticework in the exhibition booth was bold employment of the color in the material without any extra decorations. The pattern was carved according to the design of the Nine Degrees sofa’ aluminum backrest which appeared to be a concise yet exquisite design, thus highlighting our brand features and strengthening visitors’ impression about VINEKO. When the lights radiated from inside the building to the outside through latticework, it was when the theme of the exhibition “Light & Shadow” was brought into its full play.

        The exhibition booth was divided into five independent spaces, where furniture such as sofas, lounge chairs, side tables, bar tables & chairs, lamps and dining tables were distributed. Each carrying their unique design philosophy and color scheme, the products were arranged in elegant, exquisite outdoor scenarios.

        Also, such plants as hydrangeas and vines further displayed the feeling of using the products in outdoor environments.


Brilliant New Arrivals: Outdoor Lamps

        As the magician of space hierarchy and the atmosphere, “Light & Shadow” serves as an important component in people’s outdoor life. Against this backdrop, the brand-new outdoor lamps rolled out by VINEKO made their debut in the exhibition, which included the Gorgeous table lamps and the Luma Lamp, which drew inspiration from oriental cultures and dynamic rhythms, respectively.

        When the soft light traveled through varied perforations creating a unique light and shadow effect. Underlying the interactions was the pursuit of a harmonious balance between the design and nature.


Original Products

        Except for all the mentioned products, the annually much-anticipated original products ranging from Nine Degrees and Celia to Mia were also staged in the event. Besides, brand new color schemes and combinations of some classic products were embraced, so as to bestow unusual experiences to all visitors.