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Good Design Award Winner—Celia & Gorgeous


Under the theme of 2021——"Aspiration and Action with Consideration"GOOD DESIGN AWARD, the international design award, announced the winner of 2021 on Oct.20. Now we’re happy to share the exciting news that two of VINEKO’s works have won these awards——Celia Armchair and Gorgeous Table Lamps.


Evaluation of Celia Armchair:

“Although this product is entered as an outdoor chair, it can be also used inside as the chair resembles a dining chair made of natural wood. This Celia Armchair is made singularly of aluminum and each part is connected by welds, so this creates a sense of unity in the design. The chair is light and stackable, so we can imagine that there will be a wide range of demand for it.


Evaluation of Gorgeous Table Lamp:

“Possessing a casual feel, quality, freshness, nostalgic feel, the robustness of an industrial product, delicateness from molding, this lamp has various expressions and elements and looks like it can be used anywhere without worrying about the location. The shape of the shadow cast when on is beautiful, making it a perfect item for enjoying light.


As the leading brand of outdoor furniture in local, VINEKO has been producing original designs since its beginning, combining professional technology and meticulous workmanship, then dedicated to optimizing modern life.